Aggressive Negotiations

Session 2: Rescue of Ri-Tan

The group was still deciding the best course of action to take after Ambassador Ri-Tan’s disappearance. However, Jedi Master Ralios received an urgent message requesting assistance on Geonosis. Master Ralios took with him the young padawan and his nephew Neros, leaving Chi-Ti and Alric with no other help but with the clones.

Left alone with hardly any information, Alric and Chi-Ti decided to comb their resources and contacts to see if they could learn of anything that would aid them in their rescue mission. Chi-Ti knew of Baz Scapr, a ship mechanic who worked for his father and other important figures. Feeling suspicious about the main loading bay they traveled by landspeeder around to the pedestrian entrace. Inside the receptionist told them that Ri-Tan was in the back with Baz and that he was expecting his daughter. Alric and Chi-Ti hurried inside but they only found an empty workspace with a missing ship and tracks of blood.

Chi-Ti recommended that they go to Senator Delta Mar’s office instead. Being informed that Delta Mar was off planet and that she had sent a series of messages, Alric and Chi-Ti became suspicious. Alric attacked the nearest person he could find, a short overweight Mon Cal of some importance, causing a distraction as Chi-Ti stole away the holodisc with the messages.

Alric and Chi-Ti returned with the clones to the Coruscant Security Forces building where Alric used the comstation to figure out the source of Delta Mar’s messages. The co-ordinates matched the ones that supposedly held Ri-Tan—an Outer Rim planet called Galidraan. Meanwhile Cal visited Commander Oprin in his office to get more information on the two missing Security Force team members from the original team of eight that had been ordered to look after the ambassador. Cal revealed that the two missing men were Nils Brolen and Monzz Latl, both higly recommended officers with many years of training on the force.

With cautious steps Alric and Chi-Ti made their way to the Commander’s office to ask him some questions themselves. They came across the Kawakian monkey-lizard from before and after several attempts managed to capture it. Having learned from his last encounter with the monkey-lizard, Alric asked for the Clones’ help in guarding the creature while he and Chi-Ti continued onward. The Commander’s office was suspiciously empty but after a thorough investigation they found he had locked himself up in a secret chamber. He was also under the influence of a heavy hallucinogenic administered via a dart through his neck. Commander Oprin continuously raved about seeing a Sith Lord even though the room was obviously empty. After leaving the Commander with a medical droid Alric and Chi-Ti returned to the main sector.

The group headed straight for Galidraan with the ship previously given to them by the Jedi. Alric, being new to the ship’s controls needed assistance from the clones in order to maneuver the ship to Galidraan safely. Once on the planet, the co-ordinates led them straight to a lone castle surrounded by stretches of ice and snow. The water around the moat had frozen over, allowing the group to climb down and find an alternate route besides the one through the closed front gates. Inside they found a storage area of sorts with numerous ships, including the one missing from Baz’s garage. The area was guarded by two broken down droids, one beyond repair and the other a crab droid that Alric managed to revive. The group continued unstairs with the new droid in tow.

Upstairs was an ambush of droids, ones that would have been difficult to handle had the group not had the crab droid in tow. The next room held two computers and after loading the system Alric was able to disable the droids on that floor as well as lock the main doors. The group also found a small room where a spare droid lay destroyed by what appeared a blunt force and not blaster fire. The room also revealed a small hole that led through pipes of some sort; small enough for only a monkey-lizard to pass through. The group continued on to the floor above and found special panels on the floor that blasted fire whenever an organic form touched them. After Alric managed to disable the panels the group continued into a room with more droids. After combating them they realized Baz Scapr was in the corner, though he seemed eerily unresponsive. Searching his body revealed that he had a strange device planted into the back of his skull. Pressing onwards they also found Delta Mar with a similar implant.

The group took an elevator up to the top where they found a giant inactive droid with what appeared to be Ri-Tan chained to him. Ri-Tan was unresponsive though when Alric shot the droid by accident the droid came to life and began attacking the group. Two clones died defending the others and Chi-Ti almost succumbed to death if not for Alric’s quick actions. Alric also had the idea of finding the droid’s weakness and asking Sargeant 1009 to aid him in focusing on the back of its head as the remaining clone dragged Chi-Ti and Ri-Tan to safety.

The droid was quickly defeated and the group left Galidraan swiftly behind them. On their way they tried to interrogate Delta Mar as she was the only one still coherent. She described seeing a Sith Lord and after much prodding to respond, Baz revealed the same story. On returning to Coruscant the group realized that the battle on Geonosis was over and now the planet was overrun by thousands of clones. The Jedi had also returned. Ri-Tan was stabilized over the next day. He was badly injured and also had a matching device on the back of his head as the others. The ambassador thanked his daughter and her friends profusely.

As the others were recovering Alric spoke to Master Ralios who informed him that the young padawan had died in battle after succumbing to the dark side. Afterwards, Alric called for a fellow Coruscant Security Force officer, Janekah Mavr, who had some experience dealing with Kowakian monkey-lizards. She promised to give word if she could reveal the message that the monkey-lizard had recorded…

Session 1: Meeting on Coruscant

Our heroes started the day on Coruscant for various reasons. Rumors had spread about how the Jed hadi hastily left the planet on a private mission but most residents and visitors of the planet were busy with their daily lives.

Alric Gunn was one such individual. Though the excitement was building he was suspicious of the Jedi and did not seem particularly interested in their behavior as he began his shift at the Coruscant Security Force building. He saw something suspicious on the screen and asked for his colleague, Cal to cover for him while he went to investigate. At first he saw nothing but after a thorough search he found and captured an unidentified creature which he promptly secured in a force cage behind the front desk.

While occupied with dealing with the creature Alric unknowingly received notice from his supervisor, Drentain Orprin, ordering Alric to protect and escort the powerful Togrutan ambassador, Ri-Tan and his daughter Chi-Ti on an important visit to Senator Bail Organa. Before they departed, Ri-Tan identified the strange creature as a Kowakian monkey-lizard. On this discovery the ambassador revealed the unsettling feeling he had regarding the mission, putting both his daughter and Alric on guard.

Elsewhere, a pilot and adventurer by the name of Neros Valhoun arrived to meet with his uncle, Jedi Master Ralios Sanerre. Master Ralios had been asked to meet with Senator Organa to ensure that his meeting with ambassador Ri-Tan went well. Neros, having been proven to be an excellent spy for the Jedi Council before was called again to aid his uncle, who felt uneasy about the prospect of the mission’s failure. Together they met with a young Padawan by the name of Ker-Maktro who through his master Ki-Adi Mundi had an important holodisk to deliver to Ralios as well as being temporarily entrusted under Ralios and was to accompany him on the mission.

The parties met without any issues though when they arrived at Senator Organa’s office he was nowhere to be found. The man who was left in charge in his place, Belif Noron, seemed confused about their arrival and when Alric and Neros searched the room they found remnants of what appeared to be spy equipment and an attempt to splice the security system. Master Ralios and Ker-Maktro left with Belif to search the holo archives to try to figure out the true location of Senator Organa’s messages while Alric with Neros’ help returned the ambassador and Chi-Ti to the Security Force building.

Back at the building the group found yet another mystery to solve. The Kowakian monkey-lizard had managed to escape even with Cal at his desk only a few meters away. Neros was also able to explain that the Kowakian monkey-lizard was mostly used as a spy. It became quickly apparent that the building’s security system had been compromised. Meanwhile Master Neros relayed the bad news that the messages from the Senator seemed fabricated by an unknown source.

Feeling that the safest place for the ambassador would be the Jedi Temple itself, the parties reconvened there, where Neros searched the Jedi Archives while Ker-Maktro spoke to Jedi Master Tsui Choi.

The supposed correspondence from Senator Organa had in fact come from an outer rim planet called Naalol. While unsure of the course of action he should take, Alric received a message from Drentain telling him to investigate the planet while the ambassador was escorted away by eight security force leaders. The party left Coruscant on a Jedi-issued ship containing four clone soldiers.

On Naalol Master Ralios tracked down the signal to what appeared to be empty space. Ker-Maktro proceeded rather hastily and drew gunfire, thus revealing that there was indeed a hidden building under a cloaking device. Pinpointing the source of the device Alric deactivated it and the group made their way inside, where they found compromised equipment as well as murdered bodies of Muuns, one of them caged but still alive. The Jedi seemed unsettled as they realized that the marks on the computers and dead seemed similar to that of a lightsaber. After finding a holodisk and a splicer the group promptly returned to Coruscant. On their way they decoded the messages and realized that whoever was sabotaging the Senator’s messages was in turn being sabotaged themselves.

Once on Coruscant the party was horrified to discover that the ambassador had been kidnapped; the accompanying eight soldiers having died while defending him. The party was at a loss at what to do, but they knew one thing for certain: the ambassador had to be rescued…


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