Alrics Log

Personal Journal of Alric Gunn, Coruscant Defense Force, Lieutenant

Entry #2:
As I sit outside the infirmary where Chi-Ti is visiting her father Ri-Tan as he recovers from his wounds, I cannot help but wonder if I have gotten myself into something far deeper even than it looks–and it looks pretty damn deep. The kidnapping of Ambassador Ri-Tan, the drugging of Commander Oprin, the Kawakian monkey-lizard on the loose in the CDF base, the strange cranial devices implanted in the kidnap victims-ALL these had in some way to do with a secret Togrutan base that was to be used to aide the Jedi in the battle on Geonosis. Someone found out about the base and set in motion the machineworks that brought us all here to this place in time and space.

On Galidraan, where all the clues led us, not only did we fight some very powerful droids, more powerful than any I’ve seen before on Curscant, but we learned that there are two conflicting forces at work here. Many of the droids had already been destroyed by the time we reached Galidraan, but from what I could see, they were not destroyed by any blast weapon or lightsaber—they seemed to have been bludgeoned by something very powerful. Perhaps another, larger droid? Some great beast? These are all only blind guesses, for in truth I have no idea. All those who had been kidnapped reported seeing a Sith lord, but if there was one on Galidraan, we saw no sign of it.

But now we are back on Coruscant, and I suppose the Commander will soon be sending me back to duty watching monitors and playing cards with Cal. There are worse fates I know, but I’ve lost my taste for it. I now realize there are more…interesting ways to defend the people of Coruscant. Though I don’t know that I will ever get the chance to engage in them again. As I wait for Chi-Ti, I see the clones everywhere. Word is that they served valiantly on Geonosis, so perhaps they will help us keep Coruscant safe. I certainly hope so.

Entry #1:
Strange days indeed. I’m not sure how this all came to pass, but I find myself wrapped up in some dark Jedi plot that has already seen the death of several Muuns on Naalol, the appearance and disappearance of a Kowakian monkey-lizard, and the kidnapping of the Togrutan ambassador, Ri-Tan. This last I have found particularly troubling. Although I was not in charge, or even on planet, when he was kidnapped, I had been in charge of his security earlier and handed him off to a team of CDF colleagues, one of whom may now prove to have taken part in the kidnapping.

The ambassador’s daughter has joined us on this mission. She seems quite capable, despite her young age. A pilot and nephew of Jedi Master Ralios has also joined us, along with a young Padawan. The pilot, Neros, seems to have some other…interesting skills that may prove useful on this mission. It’s the Padawan that worries me. He is reckless and seems unable to listen to anyone other than the voices in his own teenage head. At one point I thought I was going to have to restrain Neros from punching the Padawan in the head. Hopefully Ralios will find something else for this Jedi-in-training to do, and we can get on with the mission without having to worry about him getting us killed.

This mission is unlike anything I’ve ever done with the CDF. On the one hand, it makes me uncomfortable, since I really don’t like dealing with Jedi. And Jedi seem to have their prints all over this case. On the other hand, I have to admit that I find this a lot more exciting than sitting around in the CDF building watching monitors. Mother and father have been urging me to leave the CDF and join the government when my current contract is up. I am beginning to think that that won’t be happening.

There is a lot more going on here than I understand at this point, but right now my immediate goal is pretty clear…I am going to rescue the Togrutan ambassador. After that…who knows.

Alrics Log

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