Chi Tis Log

Chi-Ti’s Journal

Entry #2

Today my father is recovering from near fatal wounds in the medical ward on Coruscant. My companions and I saved him from being kidnapped by unknown enemy forces. If not for these competent and loyal companions, like Lt. Alric Gunn and the clone troopers, my father and I would be dead and perhaps the security of the Republic would have been compromised. We own a lot to them. Especially since two of the clones died in the line of duty, though the clones themselves seem to think of death in battle a normal occurrence.

As it turns out there are not one but two enemy forces that were acting against us and perhaps each other. The reason they kidnapped my father, Senator Delta Mara, and the mechanic Baz Scapr was because of a secret Togrutan base that was to aide the Jedi with their fight on Geonosis. The plans of which rested with my father, and only the most select and high ranking officials knew about, such as Alric’s Commander.

When my father agreed to be the diplomat of Shili, we knew there were certain risks involved, but we both believe in our cause strongly. If we do not take stand in this war and look outside the boarders our planet, it and its people may fall into unsavory hands.

Still the suddenness of the attack and the form it took surprised and shocked me. I would never have suspected someone wanting to kidnap my father and implanted him with an odd cranial device. Fortunately for now he seems to be improving in health. Though the purpose of the devices is what worries and concerns me. What will happen to him in the future because of the device, and is there anyway to remove it without irreparable harm? Questions like these haunt me and worry me to no end.

Although I worry for my father, as he does for me, we will stand strong against this menace. In whatever form it shall reveal itself to be.

Entry #1:

Today I write in my journal with a sad heart. My father has been kidnapped by unknown terrorists. Now my companions and I are on a mission to rescue him. A great deal of things happened today. My father and I were supposed to have a meeting with Senator Bail Organa. First we met with Alric Gunn, a noble from Coruscant and in the military; my father knew his family, although they had never met before.

Alric was sent with us to guard and protect us. Alric seemed like a very alert and competent lieutenant. We were surprised to find that he caught a strange monkey-like creature in his facility called a Kowakian monkey-lizard. I never heard of such a creature until my father explained it to us and what it could do. This put my father on guard, and he revealed to me his dream. He told me he dreamt of a crashed space ship on a lonely planet. He was afraid it was a dream of dire portent.

Now I was on guard and worried for my father’s safety. Now that war had broken out in the galaxy it was hard to gauge whose side everyone was on. I know my father was trying to secure alliances and sympathies for our home planet of Shili.

We also met this day a Jedi Master and his nephew. A young man called Neros Valhoun, who is of great skill, which the Jedi use for more secretive and sensitive work. He also brought with him a young Jedi in training, Ker-Maktro, a Nautolan, who wouldn’t stop staring at me with his large unblinking eyes. This did not help my already nervous state of mind. Never the less we went to meet with the senator and to our dismay he was not on Coruscant.

Unfortunately, our fears were starting to be realized when our escorts found traces of bugging equipment. We quickly were escorted to the Jedi temple for security reason, and we found disturbing information about the message. Apparently it came from a planet called Naalol, which I never even heard of before, much less had dealings with it.

We went to investigate, and found a crashed ship and more signs of either a rouge Jedi or what they call a Sith. Either way it is someone with a light saber, and that is never a good sign.

When we got back we found out that my father had been kidnapped. I do not know if he is still alive, but pray that he is, and unharmed. I have no idea what they want: political favor, credits, or something even more dark and sinister?

I have to send word to my mother and sisters soon and I can’t seem to muster the inner strength to tell them the horrible news. In many ways I feel responsible. I should have been there with my pistol to fend off the abduction of my father. What happens to him and our world as a consequence is too horrible for my imagination to comprehend. I only hope that my more then competent friends can manage to save him and bring him back unscathed.

Chi Tis Log

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